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Classic Bastinado - Brothers Barefoot Beating

41 Mins Classic Bastinado - Originally on LadsFeet.com

Chris walks in to find his 18 year old stepbrother wanking over his stinky trainers and socks, which are rank after a 5 hour training session at football practice, while looking at newspaper pictures of Prince William showing off his bare feet. Chris threatens to expose Andy to their parents unless he becomes his foot slave. He firstly makes Andy worship his feet, then administers a beating with his belt to Andy's feet. It seems a shame to subject such smooth, beautiful feet to this torture, and Andy seems in genuine pain and discomfort from the beating his feet receive. The belt is then replaced by a thin cane, and Andy is made to say thank you sir after each stroke. At one point, the feet are hit so hard that the cane breaks and Andy is held responsible for this and beaten with the belt accordingly The beating is fairly savage and relentless. We get some lovely shots of Andys size eleven feet, but most people will want to kiss them better rather than hurt them. Prince William, alas, does not appear in the flesh.

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Model: Andy, Chris

Posted: Sun, 9 January 2022