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Classic LadsFeet - Reebok Classic Worship

34 Mins Classic LadsFeet - Originally on LadsFeet.com

Chris has one of his slaves come over for a bit of trainer worship. He makes the slave lie on the floor and lick the soles of his Reebok Classics while kicking the piece of shit in the gut He gobs in his face and rubs it in with this foot. The slave then cleans the top of Chris' trainers while being kicked in the back and head Chris takes off his trainer and pushes the slaves face into it with his socked foot making him inhale deeply. Then he shoves his socked foot in the slaves face making him sniff it He ties his trainer over the slaves face and stomps on his gut and balls and standing full weight on him. The slave is then made to lick and sniff Chris' rank barefeet and swallow more gob.

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Model: Chris

Posted: Mon, 19 February 2024