Classic Trampling - Debt Collectors 2 Wide Cam

28 Mins Classic Trampling - Originally on

This is the widecam version of the video. Gareth R, Glen and Andy have gone to collect what is owed to them. Andy has big, black boots on while Gareth and Glen both have Nike trainers on.  The guy has not taken into account the interest he owes them as he is 2 months late which doesnt please the lads. Cue 25 minutes of brutal kicking and stomping. All three lads even get their belts off to whip him. They all take turns rubbing their shoes and socks on his face and sitting on his face all the while abusing him from all angles. They put him on the floor and force him to worship their socks, trainers, boots and barefeet. They all gob straight in his face while abusing him before making him tie Andy's shoelaces at the end of his ordeal.

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Model: Glen, Gareth R, Andy

Posted: Mon, 13 March 2023